Uwe Springborn, President
With over 25-years of control systems experience, Uwe founded Biotech Scale Up, Inc., dba BSUBAS with the finest minds in building automation.
• Siemens APOGEE Insight
• Citrix Metaframe
• BAS Server Architecture
• Energy Management
• Intelligent Buildings
• Automated Demand Response (ADR)
• Laboratory / Research Systems Commissioning
• GMP Documentary Requirements
Mei Ai Xue, CEO
As our CEO, technical advisor, board member, partner, and majority stake holder, Mei provides technical guidance on risk based validation and commissioning based on the GAMP 5 guidelines as well as supplying technical assessments on statics. In her partner role, she participates in the financial aspects of the business and is directly involved in all staffing decisions.
• Installation Qualification
• Operation Qualification
• Performance Qualification
• Design Controls (21CFR820)
• Continuous Improvement Process Experiment
• Design of Experiments
• Statistical Data Analysis
• Six Sigma Green Belt
• SAS JMP software
• Validation and qualification under FDA GMP guidelines.
Andy Canto, COO
Our chief estimator has extensive experience having worked for the world’s largest Building Automation System manufacturer and has been intimately involved with the design, estimation and implementation of over 500 BAS projects of varying size and complexity with some of the world’s largest corporations as customers.
• Building Automation Systems (BAS) Estimating
• Siemens Insight
• Siemens APOGEE
• BAS Network Architecture
• Energy Management
• Intelligent Buildings
• Automated Demand Response (ADR)
Norm Sharp, Senior Automation Engineer
An Automation Engineer with a consistent track record of success in designing, planning and executing control systems and system integration projects.
• Software Design
• Systems Integration
• Software Validation
• Documentary Requirements
• Project Management
• Client Management
• Vendor Management
Don Meagher, Senior Automation Engineer
A Nuclear Electricians Mate for the US Navy and a Senior Engineering Specialist with extensive BAS design, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting experience, Donald finds solutions to complicated BAS problems.
• Insight/InfoCenter for APOGEE
• APOGEE Field Panels
• Integration
• Active Directory and Domain Configuration
• Windows Desktop and Server Operating Systems
• Programming (Numerous Languages)
• Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
• Validation Development and Implementation
• Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Siemens APOGEE Systems
• Various Communication Protocols (e.g. BACnet, Modbus, OPC)
Nathan Lortz, Senior Automation Engineer
An established IT Professional with focus on IT growth and development with twelve plus years of experience; including end-user support, executive support, network and systems administration, project and vendor management, and Help Desk administration and management experience.
• Various Software (OS X, OS X Server; Active Directory, W2k3/W2k8 Server)
• Administration of enterprise systems and applications
• Project Planning / GANTT
• Risk Analysis
• PRD/FRS/DDS Documentation
• TCP/IP Protocols
Glen Leggoe, Senior Automation Engineer
With over 30 years of experience in HVAC equipment application and control, Glen has directed and performed project design, installation, startup, commissioning & validation of commercial systems for a variety of hi-tech and critical environment clients. Glen is an ASHRAE Certified Commissioning Process Management Professional.
• Insight/InfoCenter for Siemens APOGEE
• FDA and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
• Principals of cGMP Process Validation and Qualification
• cGMP & Concepts of Validation
• Validation Development and Implementation
• Facility Commissioning and Validation for Pharma & Lab Control Operations
• Project Design, Installation, Startup, Commissioning & Validation
Shannon Doyle, Senior Automation Engineer
With a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Purdue University, Shannon has 14 years of field experience in cGMP pharmaceutical facilities as a Technical Writer and Validation Engineer. Customers describe her as the perfect combination of diligence and grace.
• FDA and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
• Principals of cGMP Equipment Validation and Qualification
• Reverse Engineering of existing systems that lack sequences of operation or other documentation
• Development and execution of cGMP Validation documents for equipment and facilities, including IQ/OQ/PQ protocols, final reports, and associated documentation
• Creating lifecycle documents like User Requirements Specifications (URS), as well as Impact Assessments and Risk Management strategy documents
• Coordination of Equipment Standards Committees, including rewriting and reorganizing technical information, summarizing team objectives and meeting notes, and handling variance requests
Lincoln Lorscheider, Senior Automation Engineer
Previously a nuclear reactor operator on submarines, Lincoln has experience as an automation lead on numerous large projects in all our common industries. Capable of programming in multiple languages, both controls-specific and general-purpose, Lincoln is also our go-to technician for analyzing large volumes of technical data, or to program advanced automation strategies.
• Insight/InfoCenter for Siemens APOGEE
• PDL, SSTO, Demand-based Control Strategies
• Troubleshooting Field Level Device Failures
• Troubleshooting Networking and Database Errors
• Siemens APOGEE Field Panels
• PPCL Coding
Sina Wilson, Senior Automation Engineer
With a decade of experience in Building Automation Systems, Sina has worked in many market sectors across multiple building automation system platforms. From deciphering pneumatic controls systems for retrofit purposes to designing controls for high redundancy data centers, he has proven to be an excellent systems designer with a deep understanding of installation and commissioning requirements.
• AutoCAD 2000/2006
• Automated Logic WebCTRL
• Eikon Logic Builder, View Builder, LabVIEW
• MS Office/Excel/Access/Visio
• C/C++, UNIX
• Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
• Project Design, Installation, Startup, Commissioning & Validation
John Scheuerman, Senior Automation Engineer
With 35+ years of Building Automation Systems experience, the newest member of our team is the consummate professional. Process oriented and innovative, John brings a collaborative approach to BAS design and problem solving from conceptual design through system commissioning. His passion is working with customers to define requirements and develop design and commissioning standards.
• Siemens APOGEE
• Standard Deliverables Development
• Commissioning Documentation
• Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
• Project Design, Installation, Startup, Commissioning & Validation oAutoCAD, MS Office/Access/Visio, Adobe Illustrator