BSUBAS was founded to help improve an industry. The technological advances in computers, networks and databases seemed to have caught the building automation industry off-guard. There really never were any leading edge technological developments driven in the field and most improvements were adapted from other automation industries or the real need to correct ineffective practices.

At BSUBAS we feel the best results of an efficient facilities automation effort can be best construed as win-win-win. Ultimately the system owner will have an automation system meeting their expectations with clearly understood business drivers, Six Sigma operational uptime, and environmental controls protecting their financial investments and a secure, dependable, comfortable and productive work environment for their human resources.
We provide unbiased vendor neutral services. We are not in the business to sell hardware or software. Our focus is entirely on providing facilities automation expertise, experience and advice based on what is right for our clients and not to meet some product line sales goals.
Our participative roles will differ depending on the needs of our clients yet our focus to quality assurance remains throughout.